At DTU Nanotech we find that close collaboration with industry is key to creating an innovative research environment. We have a strong and continued focus to support, challenge and advise the people involved in the start-up candidates.

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DTU Nanotech is actively involved in M.Sc., B.Sc. and PhD education within nanotechnology and its many application areas and we receive excellent course evaluations.

Education at DTU Nanotech
Biomedical and Life Sciences

Strategic Research Field: Biomedical Engineering and Life Science
Drug delivery, nanomedicine and medical imaging are examples of research areas in this field. To provide health care solutions to society we collaborate with industry, hospitals and research institutes.

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Energy, Environment and Security

Strategic research field: Sustainable Nanotechnology
For applications within e.g. water quality monitoring, energy harvesting, and sensing we develop and use technologies such as sensor systems, silicon-based fabrication, Lab-on-a-Chip systems and nanostructured materials.

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Strategic research field: Lab-on-a-Chip
Providing several laboratory functions on a single chip is important in areas such as diagnostics and environmental control. We have teamed up with a number of industrial partners to transfer this technology to industry.

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Materials and Fabrication

Strategic research field: Materials and Fabrication
We seek to advance the state-of-the-art within fabrication of micro- and nanosystems. Developing new methods and extending the materials base with graphene and conducting polymers enables innovation within a range of applications.

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Group leader: Anja Boisen



Group leader: Anders Kristensen

Polymer Micro and Nanotechnology


Group leader: Rafael Taboryski

Polymer Microsystems for Cell Processing


Group leader: Niels B. Larsen

Polymer Microsystems for Medical Diagnostics


Group leader: Noemi Rozlosnik

Self-organized Nanoporous materials


Group leader: Sokol Ndoni

Silicon Microtechnology


Group leader: Ole Hansen

Stochastic Systems and Signals


Group leader: Henrik Flyvbjerg

Surface Engineering


Group leader: Mogens H. Jakobsen

Theoretical Biophysics


Group leader: Jakob Bohr

Theoretical Nanoelectronics


Group leader: Mads Brandbyge

Theoretical Nanotechnology


Group leader: Antti-Pekka Jauho

Amphiphilic Polymers in Biological Sensing

Group leader: Kristoffer Almdal



Group leader: Jenny Emnéus



Group leader: Anders Wolff

Biomaterial Microsystems



Group leader: Stephan Keller

Colloids and Biological Inferfaces


Group leader: Thomas L. Andresen

Fluidic Array Systems and Technology


Group leader: Martin Dufva

Magnetic Systems


 Group leader: Mikkel F. Hansen



Group leader: Erik V. Thomsen

Molecular Windows


Group leader: Kristian Mølhave

Nano Bio Integrated Systems


Group leader: Winnie E. Svendsen



Group leader: Peter Bøggild

Nanoelectronics Metrology


Group leader: Dirch Hjort Petersen