Young Investigator
06 OKT

MEE Young Investigator Award and Lectureship to Stephan Sylvest Keller

Associate Professor Stephan Sylvest Keller has received the Microelectronic Engineering (MEE) Young Investigator Award and Lectureship. The award was presented at the Micro...

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29 SEP

New technology for faster diagnosis of sepsis

The research project SMARTDIAGNOS from DTU Nanotech receives a large EU grant for the development of a device which will enable faster diagnosis of sepsis.

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09 SEP

New research project will investigate novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease

DTU Nanotech participates in a new consortium which will investigate novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

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Thomas L. Andresen
02 SEP

DTU Nanotech receives 5-year-renewal of Global Excellence status

At an award ceremony held on 26 August by the Capital Region of Denmark, DTU Nanotech had its Global Excellence status renewed for a period of 5 years.

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Breakthrough in performance
31 AUG

Breakthrough in the performance of 2D semiconductors

Researchers from DTU Nanotech and Columbia University have developed a new platform which enhances greatly the electrical performance of 2D materials.

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MonTa Biosciences
24 AUG

Nanoparticles boost the immune system in cancer patients

A new type of cancer immunotherapy is being developed at DTU Nanotech and realised in the spin-out company, MonTa Biosciences. Nanoparticles that stimulate the immune system...

Mikro- og nanoteknologi
Figure 1: Depletion force at work. The centres of the smaller, green molecules cannot come closer to a DNA strand (black curve) than the radius of the green molecules (left). Thus, a depletion zone (delimited by the dashed line) surrounds each DNA molecule. When depletion zones overlap, they take up less space, and hence make a larger volume accessible to the green molecules (right). This compression of depletion zones compacts DNA.
17 AUG

DNA pinball machine

DNA sequencing requires DNA molecules in the right concentration. A microfluidic device shaped as a pinball machine with micrometre-sized pins with micro-gaps between them...

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11 AUG

From injections to tablets

Making oral drug delivery more efficient and in some cases replacing injections with a tablet might be possible in the future thanks to a new Centre of Excellence, IDUN...

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Research in tuberculosis antibiotic resistance, ballistic graphene devices, and sensors receives funding
17 JUN

Research in tuberculosis antibiotic resistance, ballistic graphene devices, and...

Three projects headed by or with participation from DTU Nanotech have received funding from the Danish Council for Independent research (DFF).

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