19 FEB

Carbon-on-quartz device for dopamine release

Researchers at DTU Nanotech are developing a device that allows the attachment and differentiation of human neural stem cells onto dopaminergic neurons, while also enabling...

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14 FEB

Perfect edges in graphene devices sabotages the Hall effect

Jose Caridad and a team of researchers from Peter Bøggild’s group as well as collaborators in Spain, found unexpected behaviour in two-dimensional graphene.

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13 FEB

DTU Veterinærinstituttet i ny konstellation

DTU har fundet en form, der sikrer den excellente forskning, den faglige kompetence, uddannelsesaktiviteterne og beredskabsopgaven frem til 2020 med færrest mulige afskedigelser...

06 FEB

Biomimetics can replace dysfunctional body cells

As humanity rises in size and age, the challenges increase to ensure health and quality of life for all of us. Science is therefore busy developing new methods for preventing...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
31 JAN

Penetrating the blood brain barrier

Researchers at DTU Nanotech are investigating methods where gold particles with specific surfaces are able to ‘trick’ their way through these defensive barriers and enter...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
22 JAN

Villum Fonden belønner forskere med 37 mio. kr.

Fire DTU-forskere får hver små 10 mio. kr. fra Villum Fonden. Nu skal de etablere forskergrupper og realisere deres ambitioner.

12 JAN

45 MDKK. for projects in health

With grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, DTU scientists will gain new knowledge within functions of the brain, nerve damages in the ear and bacteria in the gut...

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