Antti-Pekka Jauho


The key word for the research carried out in Antti-Pekka Jauho's  group is graphene. Graphene – a two-dimensional array of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern – may become the motherboard for disruptive technologies due to the unique material properties: excellent conductive properties, transparency for light by impenetrable for even smallest atoms, and superb mechanical strength. We want to be a part of the world-wide effort to convert this wonder material (and its many other two-dimensional cousins) into a useful technological platform. The research is theoretical: we want to enhance our basic understanding of the physics of graphene, and then dream of new devices which exploit the unique properties, and model them using a large variety of advanced theoretical methods, such as Density Functional Theory, Nonequilibrium Green’s functions, Generalized Master equations, and so forth. Our research is tightly integrated into the center-of-excellence CNG (Center for Nanostructured Graphene), headed by Professor Jauho, and is strongly coupled to the many experimental activities in CNG. A detailed description of the work carried out at CNG is available at, which also has links to our recent research publications. We work in close collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Mads Brandbyge’s group (Theoretical Nanoelectronics); for example we have joint group meetings. Prof. Jauho also collaborates closely with the the group of Prof. N. A. Mortensen at DTU Fotonik. Other key collaboration partners come from the international community, notably from the multibillion EU project Graphene Flagship, where we participate in the Sensors Work Package.
    22 APRIL 2019