The POLYCELL group

Niels B. Larsen

The PolyCell group develops advanced polymer microtechnology based tools for the analysis and manipulation of cells and organic molecules.

The polymer microtechnology platform being developed addresses time efficient and cost efficient fabrication of highly controlled microenvironments with particularly focus on functional surface chemistry applied by wet chemistry, photochemistry, or plasma polymerization. Targeted surface functionalities include functionalized conductive polymer circuits for stimulation and sensing, and surface chemistry controlling cell adhesion and cell stimulation.

The major application area lies within culture or analysis of sensitive human cells that require more accurate microenvironmental control than offered by traditional cell culture. Polymer microfabrication actitivies are complemented by cell biology and molecular biology competences addressing biological responses to the engineered microtechnology, including targeted differentiation and directed cell migration.


The group has strong competences within

  • fast prototyping of microfluidic devices with particular focus on injection molding,
  • surface modification by wet chemistry and plasma polymerization,
  • patterning of conductive polymer films,
  • chemical and topographical surface analysis,
  • automated timelapse microscopy analysis, and
  • cell biological analysis.

Cell adhesion to nanostructured plastics

Screening platform for cancer drug compounds

Immobilization of drug-releasing nanoparticles

Cell migration in 3D-fabricated hydrogels

Eliminating unwanted attachment of molecules onto surfaces

Polymer chip for single cell patch-clamp analysis


Niels Bent Larsen
Sektionleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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22 APRIL 2019