Molecular Windows Research Group

Seeing is believing -
Nanoscale Imaging of Bilogical, Chemical, and Physical Processes

We develop microscopy methods, such as systems for in-situ TEM studies of nanoscale processes. We work on gas phase reactions on microfabricated heaters and novel chips systems to image processes in liquids. 

Another part of our work is exploring 3D interactions between microorganisms and nanostructures. We are developing focused ion beam milling combined with scanning electron microscopy to provide 3D images of cultures based on standard and cryogenic fixation methods. 

It is always possible to do a student project within these research areas.
We have posted several suggestions for student projects in the DTU project database, as 'Fagprojects' and at DTU Nanotech.

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Group Leader

Kristian Mølhave
DTU Nanotech
45 25 63 95