PolyNano Summer School 2015

POLYNANO group photo 2014

– Bringing lab-on-chip systems closer to the market

The PolyNano Summer School 2015 is held in collaboration with COST Action MP1205 Advances in Optofluidics and the EU project "CELL-O-MATIC"



Dates: 10-28 August 2015

2014's programme can be viewed here.

The PolyNano summer school is arranged jointly by PolyNano, COST MP1205 and Cell-O-Matic. The summer school will give you both theoretical and hands-on training in bioanalytical and optofluidic applications, as well as in industrially relevant fabrication techniques for easier transfer of lab-on-chip systems (LOCs) to the market. At the same time, the PolyNano summer school will give you insight to the process of transforming scientific results into a commercially viable solution. The PolyNano summer school aims at building a common language between researchers with different backgrounds. For this reason, the school is open to students with either engineering and/or bio-chemical backgrounds. Within this framework, the school will provide you with tools to tackle the challenges of communication between different sci­entific disciplines in true cross-disciplinary research.

The school has three parallel experimental tracks: Electrochemical bioanalysis, optical trapping and DNA nanofluidics.

Learning objectives 

If you have met the objectives of this course you will be able to: 

  • Describe and analyse the needs for industrially relevant fabrication of polymer Lab-on-Chip systems from an industrial point of view 
  • Construct a polymer chip using injection moulding and/or nanoimprint lithography
  • Prepare the chip for the bioanalytical, biomechanical and nanofluidic measurements in question  
  • Make the relevant measurements on the chip  
  • Evaluate and analyse the experimental results 
  • Present the results and write a journal manuscript based on the experimental results

General information
The summer school includes 3 scheduled course weeks at DTU Nanotech (August 10-28). The prize is 420 Euro and includes lunches, coffee breaks, and social events. Accommodations are not included in the prize. You earn 5 ECTS points

The summer school is an annual event from 2012-2015 and part of the PolyNano project. PolyNano is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research and runs for 5½ years from 2011-2016. www.polynano.org

In 2014, the summer school was co-organized by COST MP1205 and in 2015, we expect the summer school to be co-organized by both COST MP1205 and Cell-O-Matic.

Co-organizers each contribute with the organization of an additional experimental track.

Important information

Deadline for signing up: 1 May 2015 

Payment deadline: 22 May 2015 


COST MP1205 program committee: Anders Kristensen, Kirstine Berg-Sørensen, Cornelia Denz, Gabriella Cipparrone, Vincent Toal



If you have any questions, please contact the organising committee.

Read a review of the summer school from last year's participants, published in Nanomedicine (Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine).