PhD theses 2017


Sune Zoega Andreasen
Towards a fully automated lab-on-a-disc system integrating sample enrichment and detection of analytes from complex matrices
Development of Novel Biomaterials for Potentiation of Radiotherapy
Development of novel biomaterials for potentiation of radiotherapy
Andrea Ceccacci
Mechanical Resonators for Material Characterization: Sensor Development and Applications
Søren Gregersen
Magnetic properties of large-Scale nanostructured graphene systems
Maksymilian Kurek
Photothermal IR spectroscopy with perforated membrane micromechanical resonators
Rikke Lauridsen
SERS detection of pneumonia in breath of children with cystic fibrosis
Helga Nørgaard Petersen
Investigation of sizing - from glass fibre surface to composite interface
Anil Thilsted
Transparent substrates for plasmonic sensing by lithography-free fabrication
Patrick Whelan
Transfer and characterization of large-area CVD graphene for transparent electrode applications
Ragnhild Østrem
Enzyme sensitive liposomes in chemotherapy and potentiation of immunotherapy