16 APR

DTU Nanotech Head of Department takes leave to focus on entrepreneurship

Head of Department Thomas Lars Andresen will be working as Chief Scientific Officer at the Boston based startup Torque, for which he is also co-founder.

03 APR

Researchers create microscopic toxin alarm

Together with Israeli colleagues, DTU researchers have built a sensor equipped with bacteria which light up when exposed to certain toxic substances.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Micro and nanotechnology
13 MAR

Paper selected as one of the top 10% of papers published in Lab on a Chip

Lidia Morelli and colleagues from Anja Boisen’s group at DTU Nanotech had their paper classified as a “Hot article” based on the high scores at peer review.

13 MAR

“It gives us the opportunity to take some risks”

Joint research projects with universities mean that Sophion Biosciences can innovate technologies in which there is a high risk that the results cannot be used in the company...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Micro and nanotechnology
05 MAR

Magnetic biosensor array simplifies the detection of genetic and epigenetic abnormalities...

In standard settings, the analysis of each DNA modification requires a carefully optimised assay that runs under specific conditions. This increases cost and labour and...

Micro and nanotechnology Sensors
19 FEB

Carbon-on-quartz device for dopamine release

Researchers at DTU Nanotech are developing a device that allows the attachment and differentiation of human neural stem cells onto dopaminergic neurons, while also enabling...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
14 FEB

Perfect edges in graphene devices sabotages the Hall effect

Jose Caridad and a team of researchers from Peter Bøggild’s group as well as collaborators in Spain, found unexpected behaviour in two-dimensional graphene.

14 FEB

DTU Vet in new constellation

DTU has found a form which ensures continuation of the excellent research, the academic and scientific competence, the educational activities, and the emergency response...

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