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Current student projects in our group:

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Injection molding of nanostructures for cell adhesion studies

Project description:

This project will be closely related to an ongoing PhD project on developing a cell sorting device for harvesting of specific immune cells. The project aim is to fabricate polymer nanostructures by injection molding, the industrially preferred method for mass fabrication. The focus of your research will be to minimize the required mold temperatures for nanostructure replication. Low temperatures are essential for the transfer of functional biomolecules from mold to polymer surface, a technology used in our group that allows simultaneous micropatterning of cell-binding proteins and shaping of cell-culture chips. Design of nanostructures with different size, shape and spacing, and the subsequent study of cell adhesion to these surfaces may also be part of the project, depending on your scientific interests.

The nanostructured surfaces will be used by our medical collaborators for culture of immune cells to be used for cancer immunotherapy, a new type of cancer treatment. Nanostructures significantly affect the adhesion of cells to cell culture material, by controlling the available surface area. This affects the cells in various ways, such as altered motility, proliferation and differentiation. In microfluidic systems, adhered cells are often removed mechanically by increasing the flow rate, or chemically by adding enzymes. However, the addition of enzymes may damage the cell membrane, while the applied shear forces at high flow rates stresses the cell. Thus, introducing nanostructures on the cell culture surfaces can be used to fine tune the adhesion required for specific cell harvesting.

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