About the summer school

Date: 8-26 August.2016

You will spend three weeks at DTU Nanotech, and in addition there will be preparations beforehand to read course material and prepare a poster.

Location: DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark

Price for participation: € 420.

The PolyNano summer school will run annually from 2012-2016.

The summer school is part of the PolyNano project, more info on the project here.

In 2014, the PolyNano summerschool was co-organized with COST MP1205, thereby increasing the number of experimental track to two. In 2015, the school was co-organized with COST MP1205 and "CELL-O-MATIC" and had three experimental tracks.



Important information


COST MP1205 program committee: Anders Kristensen, Kirstine Berg-Sørensen, Cornelia Denz, Gabriella Cipparrone, Vincent Toal



If you have any questions, please contact the organising committee.