Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen

Director, Respiratory, at GlaxoSmithKline A/S

Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen is director, Respiratory, at GlaxoSmithKline A/S (GSK) in Denmark. GSK - the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company - is a research-based company focusing on developing innovative medicine. GSK spends 15% of the annual turnover on research and development, which in 2008 accumulated to around 31 billion Danish kroner. GSK expects 50% of the future assets will come from external partners and thus invests heavily in universities, hospitals, biotech-start up’s etc.

Prior to joining GSK, Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen held a position as director for research and innovation at the Science Faculty, University of Copenhagen. Among other things, she was responsible for developing a new innovative platform for the researchers and attracting external funding to the university.

Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen also worked as a political advisor in Dansk Industri (DI), where she was responsible for ensuring the right balance between universities' educational policies and profiles and Danish companies' future need for competences and highly skilled people and researchers. She was a DI spokesperson for educational policies, the efforts to attract highly skilled foreigners to Denmark and life-long education for university educated people.  

Anne-Marie is a member of: The Committee for Technology and Innovation at the Danish Innovation Fund, The Copenhagen Business Council established by Lord Mayer Frank Jensen, The Executive Committee for Experimentarium and a member of the Executive Committee of the Danish Technical University. She is also member of DI’s Public Private Partnership Committee as well as a board member of the Copenhagen University Alumni Organisation. She is a member of the Committee for Higher Education (RUVU) advising the Education Minister. She is chairman of the board on Valdemar Poulsen Foundation, which is a private family foundation as well as a member of VL4.
23 OKTOBER 2020