Micro- and nanotechnology in new settings

Micro- and nanotechnology in new settings

When DTU Nanotech closes down by the end of the year, we can look back on a couple of exciting decades. We dare to say that DTU Nanotech has been a success story. Built on passion, talent and skills, the department has achieved great results with 20+ start-up companies and 250+ inventions hatched from DTU Nanotech since 2013. In addition, the department has attracted 500+ MDKK since 2014 in external funding to create research projects, which have benefitted society through new knowledge and technology.

From 1 January 2019, the research groups at DTU Nanotech will be reorganized to be a part of six other departments and centers at DTU: DTU Bioengineering, DTU Chemistry, DTU Compute, DTU Health Tech, DTU Physics, and DTU Danchip/CEN. All DTU Nanotech’s positive energy and enthusiasm will from now on move to new pastures in new great settings and contribute to exciting new collaborations.

Micro- and nanotechnology is not a technology in its own right, but rather a matter of size, and entails the study and application of very small things. And since it can be used across various disciplines such as physics, biology, chemistry etc., it is not surprising that research involving nanotechnology already goes on in most of DTU’s many departments. The reorganization will create new opportunities and open new doors. So even though DTU Nanotech closes, it is also very much a new beginning for all of us.

Distribution of DTU Nanotech research groups to new departments – 1 January 2019 




Rolf Henrik Berg
Professor, Head of Innovation
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
3 FEBRUAR 2023