At DTU Nanotech we emphasise a culture promoting innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. More than 185 invention disclosures have been submitted from the department since 2011 and more than 15 start-up companies have been established since 2013.

Professor Rolf Henrik Berg, innovation responsible at DTU Nanotech, says: “The extensive collaboration with industry is likely to animate everybody at our department to think about the potential usefulness of their ideas and research results”. The good idea is the first link in the food-chain that may bring a next generation knowledge product to the market. Rolf Henrik Berg says that “we think the high number of disclosures is a measure that matters - it indicates trust i.e. that ideas will be taken seriously”. It is part of our focus not only to commercialise inventions by licensing to existing companies, but also to get new technologies into the market by encouraging researchers and students to establish new companies.

Refining ideas
To support and nurture tech-trans candidates, we have an innovation team advising researchers on IP protection and the development of business ideas. Researchers who have come up with a new idea with commercial potential receive qualified advice in a broad range of areas. Business Developer Flemming Larsen says “We use our experience to nurture each case as much as possible. We help the researchers refine their ideas and we map unmet needs for the new technology. We can also assist in obtaining early funding”. 


Flemming Larsen
Business developer
DTU Health Tech
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Rolf Henrik Berg
Acting Head of Division, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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