New PhD projects in 2015

New PhD projects in 2015
Thomas Aktor
Project title: Nanostructuring of two-dimensional materials using disorder
Anthoula Arta

Project titleNovel nanomedicines for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Marie Louise Laub Busk
Project Title: Single-molecule mRNA sequencing (SMS) for highly sensitive quantification of minimal 
Gaetano Calogero

Project Title: Theory and multi-scale simulations of ballistic graphene nanoelectronics

Maria Jose York Duran

Project Title: Artificial organelles for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases

Onur Durucan
Project Title: Integration of SERS based sensors in centrifugal microfluidic platform
Mathias Engholm
Project Title:  Capacitive micromachined transducers for 3-D ultrasound imaging
Francesca Garbarino

Project Title: All-polymer devices for isothermal amplification and optomagnetic detection of bacteria

Yasmin Mohamed Hassan
Project Title: Tailoring the material properties of pyrolysed carbon microelectrodes
Jennifer Jørgensen
Project Title: Immunotherapy and combined therapies for cancer treatment 
Martin Kræmer

Project Title:  Prodrugs and linker systems for degradation in diseased tissue as part of liposomal drug delivery systems

Christoffer von Halling Laier

Project Title: Microcontainers for oral vaccine delivery

Mette Aagaard Lund

Project Title: Nanocarrier mediated transport of macromolecules across the blood-brain barrier

Ditte Villum Madsen

Project Title: Immune cell targeted drug delivery systems for combination with chemotherapy

Moritz Matthiae
Project Title:  Surface plasmon enhanced raman spectroscopy for the analysis of turbid media
Mathias Mølgaard

Project Title: Chemical/Biological sensing using CMUTs

Nastasia Okulova

Project Title: Extrusion coating of functional nano-structures in polymer foils

Mattias Palsgaard

Project Title: Bridging first principles modelling with nanodevice TCAD simulations 

Susan Ibi Preus

Project Title: Optical detection of non-viable cells

Long Nguyen Quang

Project title: Carbon based micromechanical sensors

Fabio Tentor

Project Title: Targeting approaches to oral drug delivery with microcontainers

Murat Nulati Yesibolati

Project Title: Developing methods for In-situ TEM and correlated battery studies

Feng Yu

Project Title: Graphene based protective coatings

Chen Zhou

Project Title:  Hemolysis detection system for point-of-care blood gas analysers

Johanna Zultak

Project Title: 2D materials electronics