New PhD projects in 2016

New PhD projects in 2016

Suman Basak
Design, synthesis and development of biologically inspired polymeric nanomedicines for the treatment of advanced atherosclerosis
Anders Bluhme
Establishing sampling- and analytical procedures for the quantification of nanoparticles in aerosols and condensing conditions
Esben Christensen
Targeted adjuvant delivery to antigen presenting cells
Andreas Havreland
Micromachined integrated 2D transducers for ultrasound imaging
Mie Hübbe
Liposome based vaccines in cancer immunotherapy
Morten Jepsen
Drug transport in in vitro intestine models
Ditte Jægher
Liposome based vaccines in cancer immunotherapy
Janko Kajtez

Efficacy of multi-modal biomaterials scaffolds in a lab-on-a-chip model of Parkinson’s Disease

Kristoffer Kalhauge

Metrology for electrical characterization of advanced materials

Rasmus Lassen
The protein corona of liposomes for drug delivery
Mikkel Lotz
Nano-imprinting on chalcogenide MIR- fiber end-facets to reduce coupling losses
Chiara Mazzoni
Loading of microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Mette Mosgaard
Mucoadhesive microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Jafar Noori
Novel methods for detections of contaminants in the environment
Nina Ritter Pedersen
New methods for fabrication of pyrolytic carbon microelectrodes
Quyen Thanh Linh

Development of an integrated lab-on-a-chip system for point-of-care molecular diagnosis

Varadarajan Rangacharya

Micro- and nanomechanical string resonators with plasmonic probes

Viktoria Sereti

Nanomedicine development for combination with ultrasound mediated brain cancer therapy

Sara Sigurdardottir

Design, Synthesis and Development of Hypoxia Reactive Drug Delivery Systems

Anders Tjell

Development of optical hydrogen peroxide sensors

Lukas Vaut
Additive manufacturing and characterization of mini-devices for oral drug delivery
Marlitt Viehrig
Development of surface-enhanced raman scattering sensors
Nicklas Walldorf
Quantum transport and thermoelectric effects in nanostructures
Maria-Louise Witthøft

Micro four-point probe (M4PP) based metrology

Xiaojing Zhao

Room temperature ballistic graphene devices