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- Research team stretches melted polymer to fill gap in our knowledge

- 3 Questions for Professor Jakob Bohr

- Open source assembly of atomic layers

- Industrial PhD student produces nanostructured plastic foil by the roll

- Map of intestinal cells to help the chronically ill

Metasurfaces will control the colour of your car

- Metasurfaces will control the colour of your car

- Microcapsules transport healthy bacteria to the intestines

- Double graphene sandwich provides protection against corrosion

- 3 Questions for the Professor - Sine Reker Hadrup

- Researchers invent microscopic toxin detector


Penetrating the blood brain barrier

- Penetrating the blood brain barrier

- Biomimetics can replace dysfunctional body cells

- Carbon-on-quartz device for dopamine release

- 3 Questions for the professor: Anja Boisen

- Magnetic biosensor array simplifies the detection of genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in cancer

Moving towards the design of individualised cancer vaccines

- Moving towards the design of individualised cancer vaccines
- Three questions for the Professor
- Snout on a chip detects explosives
- Carbon atoms assemble themselves on command
- View the chemical reactions of nanostructures live

Artificial sight
  • - Artificial sight with solar cells
  • - 3 questions for the Associate Professor
  • - Drug micro-containers smaller than a grain of sugar
  • - Sepsis – a hidden killer
  • - Nanoscale
Dopamine factories in the brain


- Scientists from 6 EU countries cooperate to create dopamine factories in the brain

- Stronger composites for blades by glass fibre coating

- Graphene - A wonder material for electronic devices



- Fast and reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases

Detection of pneumonia through exhaled breath

- Real-time in vitro monitoring of cell populations

Peanuts allergy


- Sources of peanut allergy revealed

- Nanopillars - a state-of-the-art optical sensor

- DTU Nanotech spin-out company brings its first product to market

Nanostructured Solar Cells


- Nanostructured solar cells 

- Colour laser printing with 127,000 DPI resolution

- Bubbles in graphene – a new way towards valleytronics? 

The brain-filled nano-forest

​The brain-filled nano-forest

- Sustainable nanotechnology

- Precision measurements for magnetic memory


- Finding rare cancer cells in blood
- Fast detection of pathogens in food
- High impact spinouts from DTU Nanotech

New technologies for finding the best chemotherapy

- Individualised chemotherapy

- Next generation nanoelectronics

- Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Monta Biosciences


  • - Nanoparticles boost the immune system in cancer patients
  • - From injections to tablets
  • - DNA pinball machine
  • - Breakthrough in the performance of 2D semiconductors


  • - Graphene Growth gets greener
  • - Nature's DNA Origami
  • - "Protective glasses" enable exhaust gas analyser
  • - Exciting plasmons: Putting cancer in our sights



  • - Spin-out Company enters Wind turbine market
  • - Patterning human cells by light-controlled chemistry
  • - Plastic Fantastic
  • - Harvesting storable solar energy
  • - FutureSonics - The next generation of medical ultrasonic transducers and scanners
Sep 2014


  • - The DVD platform - Biosensing meets low-cost technology
  • - Spin-out company revolutionises fluid characterization
  • - Breakthrough in stem cell research
  • - Fast detection of waterborne viruses
  • - High throughput screening using microdroplets
Spin-out company initiates clinical trials


  • - Spin-out Company initiates clinical trials
  • - Breakthrough in ultrasensitive detection of airborne species
  • - The smart laser sensor of the future