Sokol Ndoni

In the Nanoporous Materials group we:

1. Prepare nanoporous materials from self-organized block copolymers, 

2. Develop strategies for controlling their structure and surface chemistry,

3. Develop strategies for templating of other materials in the porous volume, and

4. In collaboration with other groups look at possibilities for relevant applications.

Follow the link here for research highlights from the Nanoporous Materials group.

Headed by Senior Scientist Sokol Ndoni.


The nanoporous theme has developed around two focus research areas. The mapping of possible physico-chemical states of nanoporous polymers constitutes the first area, while the second area addresses possible applications of the materials. Realizing nanoporous polymers of varying structure, optical properties, rigidity and surface chemistry are typical activities of the first kind. Typical activities of the second kind comprise investigating the application of the materials as ultrafiltration membranes, as simultaneous filters & waveguides, filters & spectroscopy detectors, as controlled delivery systems, as masks for nanolithography, and recently as templates for dye-sensitized solar cells.  

Expertises covered in the nanoporous group are controlled polymerization techniques, electron microscopy, small angle x-ray scattering, rheology and liquid chromatography. The polymeric materials developed by the group offer the very attractive possibility to combine self-organization (bottom-up) with micro and nanofabrication (top-down), the last being the traditional strength of DTU Nanotech. This combination has been the bearing principle for the efforts of the group to create liquid core waveguides for diagnostics applications. In addition, successful preliminary results in using nanoporous polymers as templates for macromolecules, conductors (metals, polymers) and semiconductors have created the basis for expanded activities in this field, notably with a project on dye-sensitized solar cells.


Sokol Ndoni
DTU Kemi
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22 APRIL 2019