Welcome to the Optofluidics Group

Research group of Professor Anders Kristensen. The integration and interplay between optical and fluidic functionalities defines the emerging field of Optofluidics. Microfluidics enables new types of adaptive optics, where the optical properties of a device can be controlled by fluid flow, and compact systems can be obtained by incorporating optical funcitonality to microfluidic devices. We do research in nano-optics and nanofluidics seeking new sensing and actuation  schemes at the nano-scale by the integration of these. Our research is complemented by technology development within nanofabrication.

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European projects:

Plast4Future - We do nanofabrication and technology development

Cellomatic - We do nanofluidics and nanofabrication for sequencing applications

COST Optofluidics

National projects:

PolyNano - Strategic Research Center in Precision and Nano-scale Polymer Mass Replication of Biochips (Funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research)

Nanoplast - Nanostructured Plastic Components by Injection Molding (Funded by the Danish National Advance Technology Foundation)

Intra-cavity photonic crystal dye laser monitoring of protein secretion (Funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research)

Plasmonic nanofocusing for high resolution DNA mapping (Funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research)

Previous projects:

NapaNIL (FP7 EU project)

READNA (FP7 EU project)

NIL-2-GO - A compact Nanoimprint Solution for imprint on fragile and curved substrates (Funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation)

LiCorT - Liquid Core Waveguide Technology for Diagonostics (Funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research)