PolyNano Summer School

Polynano summer school 2017

The PolyNano summer school will give you both theoretical and hands-on training in bioanalytical and optofluidic applications, as well as in industrially relevant fabrication techniques for easier transfer of lab-on-chip systems (LOCs) to the market. At the same time, the PolyNano summer school will give you insight to the process of transforming scientific results into a commercially viable solution. The PolyNano summer school aims at building a common language between researchers with different backgrounds. For this reason, the school is open to students with either engineering and/or bio-chemical
backgrounds. Within this framework, the school will provide you with tools to tackle the challenges of communication between different scientific disciplines in true cross-disciplinary research. 

The school has three parallel experimental tracks: Electrochemical bioanalysis, optical trapping and DNA nanofluidics.

Read more here: www.nanotech.dtu.dk/polynano-summerschool


man 14 aug 17 8:00 -
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