Sustainable Nanotechnology

Sustainable Nanotechnology


The need to reduce our ecological footprint motivates us to focus on applying micro- and nanotechnologies in the fields of sustainable nanotechnology. Our vision is to use and further develop our competitive miniaturised sensors and sensor systems to deliver solutions for key sensing challenges. We have several projects on water quality monitoring and on high throughput screening from bio-fermentation to crude oil analysis. Our silicon microfabrication technologies have proven extremely useful in e.g. the maskless nanostructuring of SERS Sensors for e.g. PCB tests. We foresee that our activities will expand further in fields such as catalysis and water related technologies, in close collaboration with industry.

  • - NEMS-IR for fast analysis of engineered nanomaterials. 

    - CHALcogenide SOLar cells for cheap and sustainable energy production. 

    - Coloured paint-free plastic.

    - AquaVir: Virus concentration and detection unit for water monitoring.     


Kristian Mølhave
Associate Professor
DTU Nanotech
+45 45 25 63 95