Optofluidics Lab

We can characterize our optofluidic components using fluorescence microscopy and light in the visible and infrared wavelength region.

Optics lab

Equipment List

Light sources:


  • Acton SP-2756 Imaging Spectrograph with PIXIS100B Digital CCDcamera.
  • Ocean Optics HR4000, model number HR4B208, wavelength range: 340 - 550 nm.
  • Ocean Optics HR4000, model number HR4C1821, wavelength range: 550 - 620 nm.
  • Ocean Optics HR2000, model number HR2A0328, wavelength range: 510 - 705 nm.
  • Ocean Optics Jaz Spectrometer Module, wavelength range: 250 - 800 nm.
  • Andor Shamrock 303, equipped with Newton 920 CCD
  • Andor Shamrock 191, equipped with Andor IDUS CCD

High-resolution fluorescence microscope setup:

  • Modified Nikon TE2000-U inverted fluorescence microscope with motorized prior stage and shutters. Light sources: 2 halogen, 1 metal-halide (fluorescence), 1 Hg (fluorescence backup). Filters: TRITC, FITC, 50/50 (UV-cut). The camera is a Photometrics Cascade II 512 back-illuminated electron multiplying CCD. 
  • A second Nikon Ti-U inverted fluorescence microscope. Light sources: 1 halogen, 1 metal-halide (epifluorescence), 1 Hg (transmition fluorescence). The camera is a Photometrics Evolve 512 back-illuminated electron multiplying CCD. DC power supply which can provide up to 150V (EA-PSI 6150-01 150 V/1.2 A) for electrophoresis. Houses a module that accepts fiber-coupled laser input sources for diffraction-limited focusing onto the sample.
  • Both microscopes can be setup for confocal Raman spectroscopy.

Other equipment:

  • Nano H50 series piezo electric stage (0.1 nm resolution, 50 µm travel, XY axes) suitable for mounting onto the group’s Nikon Ti series inverted microscope stages.
  • 2 times 120 kHz DSP lock-in amplifiers SIGNAL RECOVERY model 7225.
  • Hamamatsu X10468-04 SLM (Optical Phase Modulator).
  • Tektronix TDS2014, 100 MHz 4-channel oscilloscope. 
  • Agilent 33220A arbitrary waveform generator.
  • Thorlabs fast xy scanning stage MLS203-1.
  • Sony microscope camera model DFW-SX910.
  • Thorlabs high sensitivity USB 3.0 CMOS camera DCC3240C.
  • Basler 60 fps camera acA1280-60gm.
  • Harvard Pump 11 Plus syringe pumps, cat. number 70-2211. 
  • Two Fluigent MFCS-Flex pulseless pressure controllers, each with 8 independent channels, pressure range 1-1000 mbar, pressure resolution 1 mbar.
  • One Fluigent MFCS-EZ pulseless pressure controller, with 4 independent channels, pressure range 1-350 mbar, pressure resolution 0.3 mbar.